Misc News

My blog was moved to http://blog.gnomemeeting.net. I plan to start updating it again soon with voip and GnomeMeeting related news.
GnomeMeeting 1.2.2 will be released at the same time than GNOME 2.12 on the 7th of September. It is a minor bugfixes release. We should be able to make a preview release of GnomeMeeting NG with SIP support (including with video) in a few weeks. That release will come with an important announcement about a new platform for GnomeMeeting users. Stay tuned for more news!

Wedding and holidays

I am getting married tomorrow, the 25th of June. After that, I will be totally unreachable for one month until the 25th of July. Please ask your questions to the mailing list directly.
We should be able to release a new GnomeMeeting version (1.2.2) and a preview of GnomeMeeting "Next Generation" (2.00) when I am back. You can watch http://snapshots.seconix.com for snapshot packages and test while I am away. Happy testing and bug hunting!

Misc News

Last week-end, I was at GUADEC in Stuttgart, Germany, to present a talk about GnomeMeeting and VoIP. The talk was a general introduction to VoIP and IP Telephony, it covered H.323 and SIP and their relationship to GnomeMeeting. The slides are available here.

New IP address for the STUN server and Interviews

The STUN server used by GnomeMeeting has a new IP address. It means that it will give problems until your DNS reflects the change. If you experience problems, we suggest you to use as STUN server until the IP change has been propagated.
There is an interview of me on the "JournalDuNet.com" website. It is in french.

GnomeMeeting 1.2.1 available!

GnomeMeeting 1.2.1 is available for download. It is a minor bugfixes release for 1.2.0, but it is worth the upgrade, especially if you are running it on an IPv6-enabled machine.
Here is the list of changes:

NewsForge article about GnomeMeeting, 1.2.1 release and FOSDEM

There is a nice article about GnomeMeeting on NewsForge.
For those of you waiting for it, there will be a 1.2.1 release of GnomeMeeting on the 7th of March. There should also be a functionnal Alpha release of GnomeMeeting 2.00 supporting SIP and H.323 audio calls during March. Stay tuned for more information and watch my blog.
FOSDEM will happen this week-end in Brussels, don't miss that great event...

New weblog location

I have moved my blog from advogato to seconix.com. You can consult it on seconix.com to find information about the development of GnomeMeeting, see pictures taken at various conferences, or read the talks I have already presented.
Feel free to post comments.

Mandrake packages for 1.2 updated

We just released a new set of Mandrake packages. A few users had reported problems : GnomeMeeting was crashing when exiting, and there was no "Picture" plugin, leading to a crash when there is no webcam or when opening an existing webcam fails.
It has been traced down to a bug in gcc 3.4.1, the new set of RPMs fixes this.
Update: SuSE packages seem to have the same problem. We are working on the issue. If you don't have the "Picture" plugin in the list of plugins, that is a consequence of that bug, please mail us in that case.

Online article about GnomeMeeting

The 1.2 release was a successful release, many page views, many downloads, everything to be satisfied of the accomplished work. Thanks to all of you who have helped.
Christopher Warner had written an article about GnomeMeeting some time ago, it has finally been published in RedHat Magazine.

GnomeMeeting 1.2 aka "The Cocumella Release" available!

After a few months of work, GnomeMeeting 1.2 is ready to be released. This new release has required a lot of work and of polishing, and it will most probably be the last release to support only H.323. The next release should also support SIP, and you can expect BETA releases soon.

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