Ekiga 2.0.4 : New packages available

I have just mirrored new sets of packages for Ekiga 2.0.4.
Source packages for Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise have been added thanks to Daniel
Veillard. Binary packages for Open Suse 10.2 have been added thanks to Quentin
Denis and finally new Gentoo ebuilds are available thanks to David Piry !

Ekiga 2.0.4 released

Ekiga 2.0.4 is available for download. You can find packages at the usual location. More packages will be added when available.

The upgrade to the new release is recommended.

Here is the list of changes:


  • Fixed corruption due to real UTF-8 chars causing the config file not to be parsed correctly in the --disable-gnome and WIN32 releases.
    (Damien Sandras)
  • Fixed bug when introducing a new ekiga.net account
    through the druid which was ignored. (Damien Sandras)
  • Added "chat" to

Ekiga.net moved to a new server

The Ekiga.net SIP server and associated services have been moved to a new host.
The IP address of the server has changed and the DNS server should shortly make ekiga.net point to

Ekiga awarded in Soissons

I am proud to announce that yesterday Ekiga won one of the Free Software Awards in Soissons. Ekiga was nominated in the "Multimedia" category.

The jury appreciated the quality of the project and the fact that it was original (GnomeMeeting was the first Open Source GUI to support VoIP together with video and the H.323 standard on GNU/Linux in 2001). It is now the first Open Source application to support multiple major VoIP protocols at the same time, again with audio and video.

Ekiga 2.0.3 released

Ekiga 2.0.3 has finally been released with GNOME 2.16. You can find packages at the usual location.

Here is the list of changes:


5 Years of Ekiga

Happy birthday to the Ekiga project. If you want to read some history about the project, please consult my blog.

Ekiga 2.0.2 released

After several weeks of hard work, we are pleased to announce Ekiga 2.0.2. This release only includes bug fixes and updated translations. Thanks to all the people involved in this release!

Important notice: ALSA 1.0.11 has a critical bug that makes Ekiga crash. That bug is fixed in recent releases of ALSA. If you experience that bug, please upgrade or downgrade.

You can download the 2.0.2 release at the usual location.

Here is the list of changes:

LDAP Server Back

I have hacked a new back-end tonight so that the LDAP server efficiently looks in the users databases. You probably noticed a small number of results when browsing the "Ekiga White Pages". That was due to the inefficiency of the OpenLDAP MySQL back-end when it comes to big table. The problem is now fixed, and you should be able to do simple searches on online and offline users using the LDAP browser in the Ekiga address book.

Ekiga for 100 dollars

The following news was the traditional 1st April Fool! Ekiga will stay Open Source...

LDAP Server Offline

You will probably notice that doing a refresh on ldap.ekiga.net to find other users does not work. This is due to the big number of registered users doing frequent refreshes. We are using OpenLDAP with a MySQL back-end, but it is not optimized enough, leading to an incredibly high "load average" on the server. The LDAP server has been shut down until we can find a solution to the problem. Stay tuned for more information!

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