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All help requests e-mailed directly to the authors or contributors of the software will be ignored.

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If you are interested in the development and want to follow the evolution of the Git version, you can either join the IRC channel where you can discuss with developers and contributors or join the Ekiga Devel mailing list.
IRC:, 6667, #ekiga
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Ekiga's Author

Main Coder and Project Maintainer: Damien Sandras <>

Regular Contributors

Regular Contributors: Yannick Defais <>, Eugen Dedu <>, Robert Jongbloed <>, Julien Puydt <>, Luc Saillard <>, Jan Schampera <>, Matthias Schneider <>, Craig Southeren <>


Website: Yannick Defais <>, Fabian Deutsch <fabian.deutsch_at_> and Andreas Kwiatkowski <>
Artwork and Icons: Andreas Kwiatkowski <>
Icons: Jakub Steiner <> Vinicius Depizzol <>
Lumi: Carlos Pardo <>

Test and report bugs!

Bug Reports

You can report bugs or problems and suggest new features for Ekiga by going to:



If you wish to help with the development of Ekiga, a good start is to look at the Ekiga bugs in Bugzilla that are both currently not resolved, i.e where there is no fix, and where noone is working on a fix yet.

Getting this list is easily done as a query in Bugzilla, but here is a shortcut link for your convenience:
(Click Here).

These bugs should be marked UNCONFIRMED/NEW/NEEDINFO/REOPENED (you can find explanations of what exactly these resolutions mean at


Hardware and money

The Universite Catholique de Louvain is hosting
The french EasyNeuf EasyNeuf is hosting
Diamondcard is providing our PC-To-Phone service.

The following people have donated money to the project:

  • Arman Abeldinov
  • Stephen Adamec
  • Forrest Bao
  • Margo Bargheer
  • Will Becker
  • Praveen Bhamidipati
  • Richard Body
  • Johan Braennlund
  • Vincent Bermel
  • Henry Browne
  • Wilhelm Brune
  • Luca Capello
  • L. Campbell
  • Oscar Cerna
  • Volodymyr Chernyshov
  • Marco Ciampa
  • Michael Costello
  • Michel Croisier
  • Daniel Da Costa
  • Oscar Diaz
  • Stanley Donen
  • Regis Dupuy
  • Peter Easthope
  • Jordi Ferrando Fabra
  • Andrew Gasperotti
  • Bernd Goetter
  • Peter Grobarcik
  • Kenton Groombridge
  • Xavier Guillot
  • John Gustafsson
  • James Habegger
  • Rainer Hofmann
  • Hosted Int.
  • Ah Huat Low
  • Mikael Fridrik Hunfjord (recurring donation)
  • Fergus Incoronato (recurring donation)
  • Carlos Izquierdo
  • Peter Johannes Hoeyer
  • Dennis Johnston
  • Andre Jung
  • Ernest N. Kamavuako
  • Christian Karner
  • Colin Kiegel
  • Bjørn Kjønli
  • Jan Kratochvil
  • Allan Kristensen
  • Jerome Lacoste
  • Petri Makkonen
  • Michael Marending
  • Alan Martin
  • Joe Meidlinger
  • Timo Mikkilä
  • Benjamin Miller
  • Brian Minton
  • Karl-Heinz Molt
  • David Moerike
  • Alex Muntada
  • Ookuma Naohiko
  • Marios Nikolaou
  • Fred Okuma
  • Roger Pack
  • Dušan Pavlík
  • Octavian Petre
  • Alexander Pilon
  • Jan Prunk
  • Michael Rawlings
  • Tillmann Reschke
  • Antonio Rivas
  • Jochen Rossbach
  • Peter Rowland
  • David Ruty
  • Marcel Saft:
  • Paul Schulze
  • Pavel Selin
  • Alessandro Selli
  • Maria Silva
  • P. Skubak
  • Dirk Spannaus
  • Sergey Spiridonov
  • Alan Stein
  • Torbjorn Sivebrand
  • Keith Steward
  • Nigel Talbot
  • Shigeyasu Tanaka
  • Jonathan Thiessen
  • Thomas Tintera
  • Sam Tygier
  • Pascal Ullrich
  • UsaTeck
  • Paul Vandeputte
  • Armando Villani
  • Juan S Villanueva
  • Christopher Warner
  • S. Windhorst
  • Grzegorz Wierzowiecki
  • Martin Wunderli
  • Katrin Wolf

Some Useful Links...


The free SIP service providing you SIP addresses.

My weblog, including links to talks and pictures from various conferences.

Universite Catholique de Louvain

The university for which I made GnomeMeeting as a master thesis:

The Computing Science Engineering Department:


Be IP : Belgian company specialized in Open Source software and VoIP. They are also commercializing a business grade Asterisk IPBX.

PostIncrement : Consulting company providing commercial services around OpenH323.

DiamondCard : The PC-To-Phone provider suggested for Ekiga.

Open Source software that can be used with Ekiga

Asterisk : The Asterisk PBX project can be found here.
GNU GateKeeper : The GNU Gatekeeper website can be found here.
Yate : The Yate project can be found here.