GnomeMeeting 1.2 aka "The Cocumella Release" available!

After a few months of work, GnomeMeeting 1.2 is ready to be released. This new release has required a lot of work and of polishing, and it will most probably be the last release to support only H.323. The next release should also support SIP, and you can expect BETA releases soon.
GnomeMeeting 1.2 has many new features, including the ability to share your contacts between GnomeMeeting and Novell Evolution 2.00. Another big new feature is the possibility to do PC-To-Phone calls at interesting rates using only your soundcard, no extra hardware is required. Please see the FAQ for more information about PC-To-Phone calls. We have to finally mention that GnomeMeeting 1.2 supports STUN and is easier to configure to go through NAT routers that do not support H.323.
You can download GnomeMeeting 1.2 at the usual location. Packages for Fedora Core 3 and SuSE 9.2 are coming soon...
We are also looking for a new rack to host (CVS packages, ILS server, ...), so if you have contacts in a company that could sponsor such a request, don't hesitate to contact us.
The FAQ and screenshots have been updated.
Here is the list of changes :

GnomeMeeting :

  • Integration with Novell Evolution 2.00,
  • Possibility to transfer incoming calls from the incoming call popup,
  • Support for audio codecs plugins,
  • Support for the Windows version of Speex (usable in Netmeeting),
  • Redesigned Address Book with LDAP, ILS support,
  • Apple rendezvous (Zeroconf) support (thanks to Sébastien Estienne and Benjamin Leviant),
  • ENUM support to allow the use of your real phone number as H.323 URL (See manual)
  • Transparent NAT penetration when connected to a non-NATTED (or NAT-aware) GnomeMeeting client
  • STUN support for easier NAT penetration
  • NAT configuration helper in the configuration assistant
  • New gatekeeper registration timeout support
  • Ability to compile using only GTK+ and OpenH323 as dependancies (mainly thanks to Julien Puydt),
  • Ability to play the ringtone through another device for headset users,
  • Added auto-completion from the calls history and address book in the URL bar,
  • Added possibility to send DTMF's or dial IP's using the keypad, with animation of the GnomeMeeting dialpad,
  • Added dialpad animation when dialing from a POTS using a Quicknet card,
  • Added support for the ALSA "Default" device,
  • Display the number of missed calls in the status bar,
  • Added independant zoom factors for the local video window, the remote video window and the main GUI,
  • Better fullscreen support allowing the see the local and remote video at the same time,
  • New "side-by-side" view allowing to see the local and remote video side-by-side in the main GUI,
  • Experimental Video4Linux 2 support (thanks to Guilhem Tardy, and Nicola Orru')
  • Experimental DBUS support (thanks to Julien Puydt)


  • Updated manual
  • New french translation by Philippe Lefevre

Updated translations:

  • Catalan translation by Josep Puigdemont
  • Czech translation by Miloslav Trmac
  • Danish translation by Martin Willemoes Hansen
  • German translation by Stefan Bruens
  • Canadian English translation by Adam Weinberger
  • British translation by David Lodge
  • Spanish translation by Francisco Javier F. Serrador
  • Finnish translation by Tommi Vainikainen
  • French translation by Fabrice Alphonso
  • Japanese translation by Takeshi Aihana
  • Dutch translation by Huib Kleinhout
  • Brasilian translation by Gustavo Noronha Silva
  • Portuguese translation by Duarte Loreto
  • Albanian translation by Laurent Dhima
  • Chinese translation by Funda Want
  • Traditional chinese translation by Abel Cheung

If you have questions, feel free to come on, #gnomemeeting.