GnomeMeeting 1.00 aka the "Thanks Fred Release" is ready!

We are proud to announce the release of GnomeMeeting 1.00!
GnomeMeeting started as a final studies work at the Department of Computing Science and Engineering of the Université Catholique de Louvain and after 3 years of development, GnomeMeeting 1.00 is ready!
I would like to thank Marc Lobelle and the Université Catholique de Louvain for having permitted GnomeMeeting to be released as Free Software. I also would like to thank all people who have helped and encouraged me during those 3 years, it is impossible to name everybody but you will recognize yourself, thank you!
You can download GnomeMeeting 1.00 at the usual location. Please check the FAQ for installation instructions.
Notice also the new website designed by Cédric Valcke. It will be improved in the future, so stay tuned!
A few of you have asked me if it was possible to make a donation, I never accepted it, but I regularly received requests. So it is now possible to make donations with a credit card using the button at the bottom of this page. There is absolutely no obligation.
Finally, there will be an IRC release party tonight, 6 PM Brussels time, on #gnomemeting, Feel free to join!
Here is the list of new features for GnomeMeeting 1.00:

Main GUI :

  • Defaults to h323: or callto: if no url handler is specified and automatically rewrites the URL in the GUI
  • Improved the incoming call dialog so that it displays the remote URL (either the IP or the remote party number or the remote alias)
  • Added a speed dials submenu in the Call menu. All users for which you are adding a speed dial in the addressbook will be listed there, that gives a fast and easy way to call your friend or to transfer any existing call to them
  • Do not display DTMF's in the URL bar during calls
  • Added alphabet to the dialpad
  • More HIG compliance (thanks to Fabrice Alphonso)

Address book :

  • Allow to rename groups and servers
  • Allow to have a group name identical to a server name while keeping them distinct and vice-versa
  • Keep the last selected page as current when deleting, adding or renaming a group or a server
  • Automatically enable the current group in the groups list when adding a new contact
  • Added a menu entry to the right-click menu to copy the URL of the currently selected contact to the clipboard

Preferences window :

  • Rewrote the preferences window code
  • Added info dialog for codecs
  • Administrators can block some settings to default values, they will be grayed out in the preferences
  • Rewrote the PC-To-Phone configuration window

Calls history:

  • Added call end reason for calls
  • Remember last 100 calls

Audio :

  • Added support for plugins (Julien Puydt, Craig Southeren)
  • Added support for native ALSA

Video :

  • Added support for plugins (Julien Puydt, Craig Southeren)
  • Improved performances of the video grabber
  • Fixed palette problem due to a bug in the Philips webcams driver
  • Fixed problem with bttv under 2.6.0

Configuration Assistant :

  • Completely rewrote the configuration assistant to make it simpler and more HIG compliant
  • Users are now only registered to ILS if they explicitely request it
  • Automatically disable video transmission when there is no video device for the selected plugin
  • Added VU Meter support (widget from Stefan Bruëns)
  • The settings are now only applied when the user clicks on "Finish"
  • Better default settings for DSL and cable users
  • Rewrote the Audio Tester for better performance, and to permit it to work with Quicknet cards

H.323 :

  • Added possibility to user early H.245 in setup or not
  • Added a way to force the gatekeeper alias to be registered as primary alias with the gatekeeper
  • Added possibility to clear automatically calls after 30 seconds of inactivity
  • Added configurable timeout before clearing or forwarding a call
  • Added iLBC codec support
  • Added possibility to start/stop the video transmission on-the-fly during calls
  • Added support for gateway/proxy

Misc :

  • Only display one error popup when several attempts to open the soundcard fail
  • Added plugin-managed sound events for incoming calls (incoming call ring) and outgoing calls (ring tone and busy tone)
  • All windows sizes and positions are remembered between sessions
  • Do not use ILS anymore to get the public IP when a NAT gateway is used, that allows people to have the service even if they don't register to ILS
  • Allow to configure the web address GnomeMeeting uses to get the public IP address. This allows people to not have to trust
  • Added possibility to keep video on windows on top of others
  • New notion of status : Available, Free For Chat, Busy, Forward
  • Unusable codecs are now grayed out when a Quicknet card is used
  • The text chat now supports h323:, callto:, http: and mailto: URLs (thanks to Julien Puydt)
  • Rewrote Quicknet support
  • The Transfer Call dialog is now closed at the end of calls. You can also transfer calls using only your POTS
  • New PC-To-Phone configuration window
  • Added a way to force "stay-on-top" for video windows
  • Updated translations
  • Better GConf keys structure

Documentation :

  • Added manual (thanks to Christopher Warner and Matthias Redlich)