GnomeMeeting 1.2 features-frozen

GnomeMeeting 1.2 is features-frozen. No new features will be added to the code. It means that we have entered the testing phase, then we will have a strings freeze, and a code freeze. Translators will translate during the strings freeze. I plan to announce the start of that strings freeze next week.

GnomeMeeting 1.2 and Skype

We are again coding hard on the future 1.2 release of GnomeMeeting. There will be more internal changes than user-visible changes, but we are paving the way for SIP.
People are often asking me what I think of Skype. What I think is pretty clear...

Happy Birthday GnomeMeeting and Jonita

GnomeMeeting is 3 years old today, as the first public version was released on the 2th of July 2001 right after my graduation. GnomeMeeting was looking like this. Jonita is also 26 years old today, so Happy Birthday!
I will be talking at the "Libre Software Meeting" in Bordeaux (France) on next Wednesday.

Misc News

The integration work with Evolution-Data-Server is progressing. It will permit to share the same contacts between Evolution and GnomeMeeting. I have also started adding pure LDAP support to the GnomeMeeting address book.

GnomeMeeting 1.0.2 is available!

GnomeMeeting 1.0.2 is available at the usual location. It is a minor bugfixes release depending on the new Janus release from OpenH323.
Here is the list of changes :

GnomeMeeting :

GnomeMeeting 1.0.2 on Monday, moving to QT

GnomeMeeting 1.0.2 will be released on Monday, it is a minor bugfixes release that depends on the new Janus release of OpenH323.

GnomeMeeting 1.00 aka the "Thanks Fred Release" is ready!

We are proud to announce the release of GnomeMeeting 1.00!
GnomeMeeting started as a final studies work at the Department of Computing Science and Engineering of the Université Catholique de Louvain and after 3 years of development, GnomeMeeting 1.00 is ready!

GnomeMeeting 1.00

The sources have been frozen and the tarballs have been sent to packagers. The GnomeMeeting 1.00 release has been scheduled for release on next Tuesday 2nd March.
Please come back next week for more news about this exciting event!

Open Source Telephony Summit

I will be speaking at the Open Source Telephony Summit on next monday. It will be a good opportunity for me to meet other developers and also people helping me every day to make GnomeMeeting better. I will demonstrate a preview of GnomeMeeting 1.00 and show its integration in an IP-Telephony network using Asterisk.

GnomeMeeting and Instant Messengers

Many people are still considering GnomeMeeting as an Instant Messenger and do not understand the difference between Instant Messengers having a few VoIP capabilities and pure VoIP applications. I have reacted to this in my blog and tried to explain what GnomeMeeting is and what it is not. I hope some of you will find it useful and I also hope it will help understanding why full-featured VoIP applications are important and why Instant Messengers with voice capabilities are not enough.

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