GnomeMeeting 0.10 is out !!!

GnomeMeeting 0.10 has been released to the public. See the Changelog at the end of the news.
Please don't forget to delete the old configuration file before the first execution (rm ~/.gnome/gnomemeeting)
GnomeMeeting will now run under KDE thanks to the -a command line option (please check the FAQ in the packages or on this website). This new release will be included in the Gnome CVS.

Coding again ;-)

I'm back from vacation. Thank you for all your support and for all the mails I received. I'm currently working on a new version of GnomeMeeting. You can expect a new release during this month with at least the following improvements :

* Gnome Applet optionnal
* Possibility to change the video source
* Compatibility with the latest release of the libraries
* Compilation fixes on many platforms
* RPMs and Debs packages

This version, GnomeMeeting 0.10, will be followed by another version with many improvements and new features.

The adventure continues...

This website had 11000 visits between monday (02/07/01) and friday (06/07/01) !
Feel free to contact me to submit patches, bugs, ... at, but don't expect a quick answer as I will be on vacation till the end of July.
A new FAQ is online.

The beginning of the great adventure.....

GnomeMeeting was my master thesis, but I decided to continue working on it with the kind permission of the UCL.
This is the initial public release of GnomeMeeting.
You can download it in the download section.
I hope that some of you will send me back improvements, bug fixes, and binary packages.

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