GnomeMeeting 0.10 is out !!!

GnomeMeeting 0.10 has been released to the public. See the Changelog at the end of the news.
Please don't forget to delete the old configuration file before the first execution (rm ~/.gnome/gnomemeeting)
GnomeMeeting will now run under KDE thanks to the -a command line option (please check the FAQ in the packages or on this website). This new release will be included in the Gnome CVS.
GnomeMeeting has now a FreeBSD port (thanks to Roger Hardiman), and a channel has been created on to answer your questions (server, 6667, #gnomemeeting). I would like to thank the packagers for their packages (see the download section, Mandrake RPMs coming soon...) Installation will be easier now !
Please don't hesitate to report bugs (on IRC or by mail).
You can also check that funny screenshot where we were connected to the Open MultiCast Unit (running on a P133 => low quality). There were 4 participants, one of them being a TV card (cyclism programma).
Changelog :

* GnomeMeeting 0.10 will compile with the newest versions of OpenH323 and PWLib and with the CVS. You need to use OpenH323 >= 1.6.0 and PWLib >= 1.1.36
* The applet is now optional. GnomeMeeting can be started with the -a option.
* The applet is resizeable foll